Okay, so for those of who might’ve missed my blog from earlier, a couple weeks ago the site went bonkers when we tried to make some edits and Mike ended up having to rebuild the whole Fajita section from scratch. That said, I honestly like the new aesthetic we’re working with now. It all works out.

But my main point is that we’re still working on a few things with the Fajita section of the site, so thank you for bearing with the occasional hiccups here and there. I’m still working on figuring out a way to streamline the function we have going on in the ‘Cast’ section, as well as finding a solution for the error message in the ‘Archive’ that pops up every so often.

But either way, the comic is in fact live and updating and will continue to do so unhindered, with any luck. Thanks for keeping up with it and already starting to leave comments! It’s always exciting to get feedback from all of you. Do continue being awesome!

P.S: If you’re looking to more closely follow my activity, as well as the other comics and zines I’ve got planned for this year, you can also check out my new blog at http://scenicfrolic.wordpress.com. I post there on an almost daily basis, and things are super exciting for me these days!