What’s Fajita?
Fajita is a genre-bending webcomic series that has been running on Darkstar Studios since late 2009. The comic updates with a new page every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Fajita currently spans 11 completed chapters and nearly 500 pages which are divided into two ‘Acts’.

What’s it about?
It all starts with Widow, a mysterious bug-eyed girl, trying her best to put her traumatic past behind her, and the day she meets Shea, an equally mysterious (but blonde-haired) girl who says she needs Widow’s help to “save the world”.

Weird For Us

But all is not as it seems when their out-of-control adventures leave not only their town in shambles, but Super-Hero Police Agencies, maddened Mercenaries, Societies of Sorcery, and diabolical Masterminds all hot on their tails.

And while the chaos reveals more and more dangerous realities, Widow soon finds that she must not only face off with the darkness of her own personal history, but that the silken threads of fate are woven more tightly than she could have ever imagined.

Why the name “Fajita”?
The name itself started out as referring to how the comic is a mix-up of all sorts of things (kinda like a Fajita), though it’s an intentionally abstract use of the word and its meaning is about as far removed from Tex-Mex cuisine in this comic as it could ever be. Does it have anything to do with the story? I suppose there’s only one way to find out.

by Ryan Thompson

The guy who writes, draws, and uploads Fajita to the internet.

Ryan Thompson is an american comic artist, and has been doing work for DarkStar Studios since late 2009. Raised on a steady diet of Ninja Turtles and Pokémon, Ryan holds an abiding love for all things cartoon. He discovered webcomics at age 13, and after trying his hand at many alternatives, determined he would leave his own mark in the community.  He now spends most of his days etching away at the pages of his debut webcomic work, Fajita, amongst other things. As an artist, Ryan has been noted for the quirky style of cartooning that is distinctive of his work. His influences include: Hiroyuki Takei, Joe Maduiera, Tite Kubo, Vinson Ngo, Hajime Ueda, and Shaun Healey.

Ryan is always available to contact via email at: “ryanthethompsonATgmailDOTcom
His profile website may also be found at: mycoffeeblack.com