Heads up to those of you stopping by! Darkstar will be in Washingtion, DC next week for Katsucon 2016!

We’ll be guesting along with a bunch of other cool webcomics people, and you’ll be able to find us in the Merchant’s Room at Tables O7 & O8!

The big Fajita news here is that we’ll be officially releasing the long-awaited Fajita Issue #3! Today’s update even features a look at its badass cover! We’ll also be showing off a beautiful Fauna Fairest poster as well as a shiny new Fajita poster! It’s insane!

[web] Fajita 2016 (16x20)

So if you’re in town for Katsu, be sure to stop by and catch up with us. We’re starting this year off with a bang, and it’ll be awesome to have you there!


In other news: I can’t apologize enough for the weirdness on the Fajita updates. Working on Fauna has had me immensely preoccupied, but I have been steadily hammering away at the new pages for Fajita.

When Fajita returns, it may be once-a-week, just until things smooth out more.

Thanks so much for your patience! .3