tiphthist (web)

Hey kids, thanks for stopping by and checking out the latest update!

I’ve been chugging along while also extremely busy with work on a few new things. One of these new things is the full-color comic I’m in the process of launching.

It’s been an immensely exciting past couple of weeks, but the workload has had me going non-stop to get pages done. And while updates will of course continue here at Fajita, a lot of my time will also be spent managing the new series.

I’m hoping to get Fajita’s update schedule back on track soon (or otherwise change it) especially since things are looking to get pretty intense as we approach the conclusion of Act 2!

In other news, Mike and I have been announced as guests for Katsucon in February! I personally love Katsu, so I’m thrilled to be making an appearance there in support of the work we do! If you’re already making plans to go, I’d love to catch up and talk to you! The new year can’t get here fast enough!

Lots of cool things are happening! I’ll be posting about the new comic when it goes official.

Take it easy, everybody!