Hey everyone, if you’re reading this, I wanna thank you hanging in there and continuing to stop by the site to check for updates. I know I’ve essentially disappeared from the internet these past few months, but rest assured, everything is alright, I am in good health, and the comic isn’t over. I’ve just been extremely busy.

I’ve had to focus a lot more of my time lately on freelancing and work related to other projects. I sincerely hope I haven’t frustrated too many of you with the random, almost nonexistent updates of late, but I’m hoping things will pick up soon, and I’ll be able to go back to having more time to dedicate to the Fajita.

I’m not dropping the comic though, so Subscribe to Fajita’s RSS, follow Darkstar on Twitter, do whatever you have to do stay on top of the updates, but I’m committed to finishing this story. No questions asked.

Either way, thanks for the patience. Updates will continue, even if they’re a bit inconsistent right now. And keep telling me what you guys think of the new pages as they arrive. I’m happy to see how many of the long-time fans are still around, as well as some new faces that’ve joined up! Thanks for the feedback! I’ll do my best to keep delivering that comic you all love so much!


Take it easy,