The short version:

Fajita is back December 2nd with updates on




until the end of Act 2.

If you wanna keep up with the latest from Ryan,
check out it his blog or his twitter.

The long version:
Hey everybody, to start off I just wanted to apologize for the weirdness on both the update schedule as well as things like the image quality on the last two pages (something Mike generously helped me out with). I don’t mean to worry any of you, and from what I can best tell you’ve all been very patient with the wobbliness of it all. I think I had mentioned before how over the past few months there’d been some pretty dramatic changes in my personal life.

One of these changes is that I’ve taken up a full time job. It’s not at all a comics related job and it’s been very tough on me to shift gears. So I’m really in the process of trying to adjust doing art and comics around my new schedule, and as you can tell I haven’t had much luck. My girlfriend has even been kind enough to help me finish working on the last couple of pages, but in some cases, even our combined efforts haven’t been enough to keep updating the comic the way I used to.

It also doesn’t really help that Fajita has always very much been a labor of love for me. The readership has always been a small, tight-knit, loyal, and loving one, and many times it’s only ever been that love of the readers and the characters that’s kept me going. I just want you all to know that if things have been weird over here at Fajita, it’s not because I no longer care, but because doing the comic has become rather difficult.

That said, I want to continue working through the remainder of this Act. There won’t be any updates this week (it being thanksgiving and all), but keep your eyes peeled for updates on MONDAYS and FRIDAYS, starting DECEMBER 2nd. Number 12 is the final chapter of Act Two, and while my ability to work on Act Three is, quite honestly, up in the air at this point, please know that I’d love to continue working on the comic, I just have so many more things to worry about at this point, and that’s not even counting my other comic-related projects. After all, I still want to get work of mine published if I can help it.

Either way, thanks for your support, and thanks for reading this longer version. I hope it eases some of your worries, though I’m sure it raises a few new ones. But fear not, while I may not be much of a Twitterer you can always follow my 140 character ramblings over on my profile to see what I’m up to. And for those of you more interested in the very latest of what I’m actually working on, I recommend my art blog ScenicFrolic. Again, I can’t thank you enough for all the support and general awesomeness you’ve provided and continue to provide as I work. I’m grateful. Give me a shout sometime, you know where to find me.