So I just noticed that Fajita has officially past the mark of 500 pages. Of course, reaching 500+ pages is much less of a big deal to me now than it would have been when I first started the comic. Especially now that it seems much more common for webcomics to have huge archives. I remember how excited I was when I first reached just 100 at the end of Chapter 2. I don’t really know if it ever crossed my mind that I’d be sitting at my table three years later having done five times that, haha.

08_Hey You

Prior to Fajita, my longest running project had been a would-be graphic novel that I had stopped working on after just 50 pages (I know, right?), so I reckon that’s where the excitement came from. Though I must say I prefer being caught up in the storytelling rather than the page count these days. For me it’s cool to see that the comic is still around, and that all you good people have continued to stick it out alongside me, especially after the all turbulence in this past year. The comic as a whole has easily been the most massive single learning experience I’ve ever been through, especially when it comes to comicking. So much so that I like to tell people that everything I learned about comics, I learned while working on Fajita. But anyway, that’s quite enough navel-gazing. Thanks for reading, everyone!