Hey all, long time no blog entry, I know. But I’ve finally managed to pry myself away from the drawing board long enough to spill the beans on a few bits of big, exciting news. Firstly, that if you haven’t already deciphered the glyph I had up on site for a bit, I’m very happy to let all of you know that Fajita will, in fact, be resuming it’s run with chapter Number 12 on:

August 5th, 2013

It’s been a long wait, the excitement is running high, and let me be the first to tell you, this may well be most unpredictable chapter so far. It’s been a wild thing to work on and I’m super excited to start sharing it.

That said..


And not just ANY convention time. Otakon Convention Time. The uber-special outta-control candy-coated cosplaying special-edition convention time! And we here at Darkstar will be rocking our all new swag. New Prints, New Posters, New Comics, SO MUCH NEW STUFF! I’m both excited and terrified at all the possibilities.

20130727 - SvS

I’m especially excited about the new prints we’ve put together, so if any of you Fajita-heads are gonna be at Otakon, you should totally stop by and check ‘em out. I think you’ll enjoy them. And I, as always, shall enjoy talking to you.

20130727 - Madoka

If you’re curious about some of the other new prints I’ll have going on, or just can’t make it to Otakon, HAVE NO FEAR. Just follow my deviantArt or my Tumblr, as I’m planning to upload some web versions of the new prints as time goes on.

20130727 - Wizarding

Now as far as our being at Otakon is concerned, you’ll able to find Darkstar at Booth CC03 in the Artist’s Alley. I’m hoping to do another blog entry about it before we head out, but if not, just remember: CC03. Got it? Good.

Otakon’s got a handy map you can consult here. You can see us marked off on it! NEAT!

So yeah, the countdown to Fajita’s return has begun. In less than a week, the characters you love will come face to face with their greatest challenges yet. What terrors will these tribulations bring? What revelations will they yield? I suppose there’s only one way to find out..!