Greetings again, kids. So here’s an update for you.

Following some great advice I obtained on everything from taking the right breaks and doing the right stretches, to maintaining a better working posture and studio ergonomics, I’ve made a good recovery so far. It’s been very encouraging, and after several weeks not drawing anything, I’ve begun to ease myself back into working again. From what I’ve learned, Carpal Tunnel can leave as easily as it arrived, given you detect it early enough, which seems to be the case for me. As I’m writing this, I’m willing to say that all of the significant symptoms appear to be gone. The self-tests are coming up negative, and I’m resting up whenever I get the chance. Some insurance nonsense has significantly delayed my being able to see a doctor about it, but with any luck it might just be back to normal. I’m being very cautious though. Thanks so much for your support, everyone. I’ve been wanting to get back to doing the comic the second the first “Nnnooooooo!” comments started coming in, haha. But yeah, it’s good to be over what I hope is the worst of it.

Another bit of news is that we’re slowly approaching the summertime colossus among anime conventions that is Otakon. Will you be there? Because we’re planning to crash that party HARD. New swag, new prints, and lots to talk about as always. Of course, you don’t just have to wait until Otakon to enjoy any of those things. I’m always on Twitter, Tumblr, and even Facebook. I’m always game for a chat, I love you folks after all. I also recently opened up a page on Society6, a sweet indie artist outlet for selling prints and artwork which (if you enjoy my work, and would possibly like to have it on your wall) I would totally recommend checking out. And in the way of selling artwork, if you’d like to see me create something specific, I’m always open for Commissions. Especially right now, as every little bit helps actually GET me to Otakon and the other conventions that make hanging with y’all so very possible. If you’re curious, you can find my contact info in the ‘About’ section of this comic’s site.

So to end this massive, massive blog update, here’s a bit of the latest on Fajita. I’m currently in the process of plotting out the next couple of chapters. I’m just about ready to start writing. I’m hoping to make just a bit of headway before I start uploading again, just to make sure I don’t miss any more updates. Thanks, and many thanks again for all of your patience.

Spread the word, donate, re-read the comic, like, follow, comment, reblog, whatever you wanna do. Fajita will be back soon. Very soon.