Hello childrens! Following a few days of recovery (more or less), I have returned from this year’s most sexy Katsucon with a head full of dreams and a hand full of parody t-shirts. Yes indeed, I am ready for what lies ahead (but more about that later). For now, I wanna extend my most heartfelt thanks to all the fans who came out to support Darkstar and their beloved comics. I think I can happily say I broke my personal record for the amount of actual Fajita fans I’ve been approached by at a single convention. You’re all so good-looking, too. It was a joy to meet and speak with you all, and I’m really humbled to know that I’ve been able to create something that people really do find enjoyment in. Thanks all of you. I love you so much!

To wrap this wrap, I wanna dish out my additional, personal thanks to the people whose names I remember for this most excellent time; Elizabeth, Garth Graham, Saber, Kyrin, Kris, Mookie, Alyssa, Max, Obsidian, T. Campbell, Dern, Sara Martinez, Jamie Noguchi, Kevin Bolk, Harknell, Onezumi, Erin, and Phil Kahn.

Stay safe, all of you. And I’ll catch you next time!