News from the front, everyone! This week marks the last in the filler-tastic gap between Chapter 10, and the much anticipiated Chapter 11 of Fajita. As I’ve mentioned before, some behind-the-scenes work on comics and the like has seen me disappear from the internet quite effectively, and moreso than usual. But rest assured, I’m back, Fajita’s about to be back, and I’ve a distinct feeling that this year is going pack some awesome twists, turns, and surprises in both departments. So sit back, relax, grab a refreshment of your choice, and enjoy the ride!

Monday and Wednesday will see the last two pieces of Filler Artwork (which I am glad the lot of you have been digging) and Friday I’ll be uploading the usual “Page Zero” or “Prelude” page for the upcoming Chapter, brandishing still another quirky font-based interpretation of the comic’s logo. Now with Widow and her friends caught in the midst of some hearty swashbuckling, just how will the Witches’ plan to annihilate Jannet continue to play out? Interesting, interesting..

So then lastly I’ll be at Katsucon with Mike this weekend in the National Harbor, guesting alongside a fine lineup of talent from the anime and webcomics community. Stop on by if you’re in town, I’d love to catch up with you.

It’s good to be back! Stay tuned all y’all!