Hello all you beautiful net-dwelling children, I hope the New Year finds you alive and well. I’ll get straight to the point and let you know that I’ll be taking another break from running Fajita online starting with this, the end of Chapter 10. I’m planning to resume updates, with any luck, sometime in mid-February. Fortunately it’s not because there’s anything wrong with my hand or my health, but actually because I’m needing to buckle down on a number of things that include some pretty big deal writing for Fajita, and doing all that while running the comic at this moment really only complicates things. So I wanna thank you guys in advance for your patience. I’ve got some neato content planned out for the duration of the break and frankly, I can’t wait to show you guys what fate has in store for Widow and her friends.

So now while enduring your Fajita withdrawals, allow me to direct your attention to the new swag in the DSS Sharkrobot Store! We’ve a sassy new shirt, and a gritty new print for our shiny New Year up on our store page. I’m particularly proud of these new additions if I may say so myself and if you find yourself in need of some new, ridiculously awesome stuff, or just have no idea what to do that leftover Christmas cash, I’ve got more than just a few ideas for you (winks). Haha, but for real, feel free to check out our sweet new stuff by clicking either of the images in this post, or hitting our STORE tab, just below the main banner.

Thanks for all your support. I’ll seeya later.