439: One Black Remains

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  1. mokko

    oh noes this looks unpromising :O

  2. loki

    questioning this now. It is to predictable to make widow the “last” Blackened One. Maybe she is one but after all that facility was doing to “special” kids with the testing and the werid bug eyed girl with the hedgehog maybe she is mixed up as to what the true threat is.

  3. Edd

    “And what, my sisters, do we do with the blacked ones?”

    “We scrape the bad stuff off and put jam on it. [CHEERING]“

  4. Nadie

    Wait… Mmm…. there’s something off


    Figured, Widow is one of the Blacken.

  6. mokko

    maybe weve got it wrong and just asuming widowis a blacken due to her eye i mean weve never seen a blacken in the comic maybe its skoll or shea or the guy with the awesome truck or the merc. :O

  7. Kyuubi_Eye2

    What if Widow IS the incantation that threatens them? Or is the keeper of it? Perhaps, her body contains a physical manifestation of this Incantation.

  8. Lunari

    Well… I’m not sure who this last Blacken is, but I’ve got a few suspects… It could be Widow, and the incantation is her ability to control spiders, or possibly Skoll is her gaurdian… or it could be Shea, and the incantation is Hroan… Actually, it seems doubtful that it’s Shea; the man with the van said that she herself was a witch, and if she was the blacken I think they wouldn’t have let her near a mirror… My last idea is that it could be Janet. They did seem to take interest in her.

  9. EternalOne

    People, people… Would Shea be so willing to leave Widow alone, knowing this? She seems to know more about Widow than Widow herself does and I doubt she’d just grit her teeth and walk away knowing that Widow would be killed or imprisoned for being a Blackened.

    My idea is, this little Blackened is either Janet… Or lil’ miss creepy woman who’s name escapes me… The one that hangs out with Mr. Hedgehog… And scarred up the military woman’s face… Shit, I need to get better at names… But she seems rather grim and evil… Perfect for the role of an antagonist.

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