My apologies for the silence guys. Between my break, a horrendous cold, and both Mike and I having a number of constant duties to attend to in our personal lives, things have been ridiculously busy by “off time” standards, so the site’s been awfully quiet. Either way, I want to extend my thanks again to how supportive all you guys have been with me getting over this nasty cramp thing. But rest assured, the content is coming soon, and I’ve even got a date for it. That’s right, on August 20th, Fajita will be resuming where it left off. I’ve just about made my recovery and I’m really wanting to get back to telling the story. Thanks for your patience.

Also, for those of you interested, my next convention appearance will be at Intervention 2012 in Rockville, MD the weekend of September 21st. Mike did a post about it. It’s a con I love going to because it allows me to really spend time with other creators, as well as readers. I actually met my first outspoken reader ever at Intervention, if I remember correctly. There’ll be lots of panels and (if this year’s like every year) they’ll even have a Super Art Fight, which if you haven’t ever seen one happen.. you should. You totally should. Youtube it. It’s great.

Stay tuned for more blogs.
Take it easy, you crazy kids!