I was told by my Doctor to take some time off from drawing. Seems I developed some kind of really, really bad cramp in the joints of my drawing arm over the past year. I was told it wasn’t carpal tunnel (thank you, God) or rheumatoid arthritis (thank you, THANK YOU, GOD), but it’s made working on the comics lately a bit difficult. I’m hoping it won’t take too awful long for things to heal back up (if I can pry myself away from the keyboard long enough), but for now it’ll mean things might slow down in this section of the Darkstar site for a bit. Sorry it had to happen in the beginning of the new chapter, but you can’t help it when things like this happen. I’ve talked to Mike about the situation and we’ll be planning to funnel some content here at Fajita periodically in the form of Guest art and the like. Either way, I recommend staying to tuned to the blog section here.

Take it easy, all you people.