Hello there, it’s been forever (little more than a week) since my last entry. Just thought I’d drop a few lines for your consideration.. First of all:

That’s right. I’ll be at Katsucon 16 next week! If you’re going too, do stop by our table. Mike will probably be posting more of the details as the date closes in. But things are looking to be epic once again, and I for one am stoked out of my mind! Furthermore, we here at Fajita are always open to emails, questions, and comments, we love to know what people are thinking, and what they wanna ask the characters.

Finally, I would also like to issue a challenge to any readers who are into cosplaying.. I’ve been most fascinated with the all the possibilities in pulling off a Fajita Cosplay, but alas, I don’t lend myself very well to any my characters. So if any of you ever do any Fajita-related cosplays, crafts, or anything else, let me know! I’ll be sure to reward your work! Anyways, keep it cool everybody!