568: Qualified Applicants

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  1. Gir

    Now that is surprisingly badass!

  2. Star to Finish

    I’ve been here, lurking, from day 1 when the comic started, always reading the latest issue. I’ve stayed with you 6 years and then a bit beyond another 2, waiting for it to come back, but it didn’t so I came to pay respect. This comic was one of my reasons to live and it truly saddens me that it is gone. F.

    • @Star to Finish
      I’m sorry to hear you miss the comic. When Mike and I decided to move on from Darkstar we were both at the beginning of some pretty major changes in our lives. Looking back, there’s a lot of things about Fajita I would have (and should have) done differently, but it makes me happy knowing how many people enjoyed it. Things were happening fast, and a few years ago I decided it was best to focus on my other projects.

      Right now I’m working on a new series called “Fauna Fairest” which is different from Fajita, but I feel like you may enjoy it as well. Fauna is actually being published and is gearing up for other exciting new happenings later this year. At the same time, I’ve also been working with the comics company Tapastic to develop new and original comics. The whole thing has been great!

      I still miss working on Fajita, and I realize how many people miss reading it. But perhaps this isn’t the end for those characters. There’s little I can say about it right now, but just know that I think about this series all the time, and I’m thankful for every one of you that stuck around. I’ve got a lot of interesting things coming down the pipeline, so recommend checking out my social media. I try to post about whatever I’m working on:


      You can also check out Fauna Fairest here:


      Thanks a million for reading, you are wonderful .3

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